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Puppy Love

Pet Grooming

"Where your dog gets the love and care it deserves"

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We treat client's dogs like our own. We strive to make the experience coming to Puppy Love exciting and enjoyable to both dogs and their owners alike.

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We offer Grooming to the owners specifications, Deep cleansing Baths, De-shedding when necessary,and Dental cleaning. Grooming and Bathing both include nails, cleaning ears and anal glands.  

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Gary has been Grooming for 15+ years. His experience has come from the training of differant groomers through out his career. His love for what he does is what made him decide to start Puppy Love.

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We have been trained in a variety of breeds. We also have access to referances on the more rare breeds. However,we can alter grooms according to the owners needs and desires.

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